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#47: From Panic to Productivity: Lessons from My Mini-Renovation

September 24, 2023 Carin Hunt Season 1 Episode 47
Celebration Pro Podcast
#47: From Panic to Productivity: Lessons from My Mini-Renovation
Show Notes


This week is giving me all the FEELS!

If you listened to my last solo episode, you know I had a panic attack recently. Which resulted in my hyper-focus on one thing: my mini-renovation of our rental unit. I put my spotify “Take Me to Church” Radio, picked up a paint can and got to work. Just me and the apartment and a lot of f***ing tears for hours. I know what you’re thinking – what about everything else that was building up? I said f*** it, it will be there tomorrow. And that ends today’s profanity, at least in this episode. 

  • What I did next
  • Relief in the Eisenhower Matrix
  • Supporting the wedding industry:

We’ve got the Backstage Pass Summit kicking off Tomorrow night, Wed & Thursday with an insane line up of wedding industry speakers, and then we can all take deep breath and celebrate all the success that is coming our way. When I say our, I’m meaning me, you, and all the celebration pros attending!

Before we get started with a whirl wind of a week, I wanted to give you some pointers on how to leverage the next few days 👇

1.       Sign up! Free or VIP (btw, you are definitely the VIP of your biz)

2.       Defining your goals for Q4 and Q1 and be intentional

4.       Eliminate distractions and have snacks handy: Truffle Pipcorn and Strawberry Lemonade from Seven Teas are my faves

5.       Implement! Make an appointment with yourself weekly to review one set of notes and implement them that week.

6.       Be engaged

Ready to be wedding business besties? Grab your free ticket – or better yet – be the VIP that you are with the Green Room Pass, and let’s get to it 👇

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